The research group of radioecology deals with the investigation of environmental radioactivity in Estonia for obtaining the knowledge about distribution and propagation of natural and artificial radionuclides in the soil, air and water, also for determining the radioecological propagation pathways of radionuclides and the formation of radiation dose rates, as well as the influence of the sources in energy production and radioactive waste management. Workgroup activities comprise also development of alpha-, beta-, and gamma-radiation spectrometric and radiometric analysis methods of environmental samples, including the Low-HPGe gamma-spectrometry and liquid- scintillation methods, quality assurance arrangements of quantitative analysis of environmental samples, development and implementation of radioecological and gamma-radiation propagation modeling methods.   Radioecology workgroup members are well-recognized experts in environmental radioactivity, radiological assessment of environmental and radiation safety in Estonian, they are participating in the technology development and research projects of European Atomic Agency Community (EURATOM). ...