Testing of face coverings

We are offering following tests:

Community face coverings

Tests are conducted according the requirements in the guide CWA 17553

  1. PFE - particle filtration efficiency for 3µm Particles. For testing the methodology described in EN 13274-7 is used, with the exceptions that the aerosol detector is for 3µm particles and not for <1µm partticles.
  2. Head harness test CWA 17553
  3. Breathing resistance based on EN 14683:2019.

For the full test repetation from 5 different masks are required.

Muud testid

  1. Determinattion of permeability of fabrics to air EVS-EN ISO 9237:2000
  2. Paericle filtration efficiency for different sized particles. Size range can be from 5nm to 10µm.
  3. Electron microscopy imaging.